Sunday, February 03, 2008

35 hours left

OJT Day 30 [January 28]

30 days. Wow, I could not believe how fast my OJT went. I'm now in the homestretch. Well, Mam Vilma commented to me that she though I was already finished with my OJT since I was absent last Wednesday. Hehe. Well, if my duty was 8 hours I've finish by now but then my duty is only for 5 hours a day only [sometimes 6 hours]. Anyways, I'm not complaining since I'm enjoying my stay here anyway.
Anyway, another day when food flooded in the office coming from advertisers. I could not refuse since as Kuya Buddy said "Dito bawal tumangi, ito na lang yung bonus namin dito kasi wala kaming pera haha". Such a strong statement from him that really got me.

OJT Day 31 [January 29]

It's a Tuesday and my co-interns are back. They are okay now, well some. There is one who still gets to my nerves, the way she bosses her classmates irritates me. But it is none of my business.
Anyways, I had a nice chat with Mam Vilma, we talked about her ex husband. It was a very interesting story and I feel happy that she opened that to me. I will definitely miss Mam Vilma when I end my OJT

OJT Day 32 [January 30]

I asked if I could seat on Ate Beth's cubicle since it was her day off plus we are already congested in the interns table, thank God they allowed me too. Yes, I will admit it was also a way for me to escape my co interns. Yeah I'm bad. But to my defense, I still do my best to help them if they ask me. I still have them use my highlighter [but not my pen anymore no, sa dami nila ni isa sa kanila walang ballpen? Come on].
Anyways, because I was separated from them I had more jobs to do since I no longer have to give way to them. Selfish? Maybe. But I do not want to be bored to death just watching them proofread while I do nothing for hours.
They stayed a little longer and for the first time I was the first one to go home.
I tallied my hours and I'm just 35 hours away until I leave Journal group. Sad.

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